No7 LABORATORIES Age-Defying LED Therapy Face Mask

Introducing the next generation of clinic inspired LED technology at home. Powered by red and near infra-red LEDs this clinically proven technology targets multiple signs of ageing to revitalise skin.  The intensive, but pain-free wavelengths are harnessed at the perfect level to work beneath the surface where skin ageing begins.

Intrigued by the rise in the number of light therapy offerings on the market, I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. From doing a little research, the science seemed to stack up – lots of promising claims and lots of positive review stories. OK I’m in, but where do I start?

There were so many offerings and different prices points that it was all a little overwhelming. The best review I found was at which helped me get to grips with the basics and made me feel that I could dip my toe in the water and experience results without dropping thousands of euros in the process.

A quick trade-off analysis considering wavelengths, irradiance, treatment time, fluence, style, warranty and price point, as well as accessibility, led me to choose the Boots No7 Age Defying LED Mask.

The Offer

Purchased in 2021, the full retail price at the time was €149.97. Throw in a few of the regular offers on the Boots App (particularly good on No7 products usually) and it wasn’t a bad deal at all. I paid €80.01 and got a free hand cream thrown in for good measure. Inflation has struck in the meantime and the device is currently retailing at €179.95, but the offers are still regular.

Free No7 Protect & Perfect Hand Cream when you spend €35 on selected No7 

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The Claim

Clinically proven technology:

  • Skin looks radiant & plumped and fine lines are smoothed.
  • Evens skin tone & reduces the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Skin feels firmer & the appearance of skin texture is improved.
  • Clinic inspired technology at home.

Results you can see and feel:

  • A radiant & healthier looking complexion.
  • Fine lines appear visibly reduced & smoothed.
  • Skin looks supple & plumped.
  • Evens skin tone & reduces the appearance of pigmentation & redness.
  • Skin feels firmer & the appearance of skin texture is improved.

I’ve been using the mask on and off for almost two years and while I don’t feel that I have halted the aging process in its tracks, I do find when I use it consistently for a period of days/weeks, my skin texture appears smoother and more radiant. My fine lines are still there, but perhaps ever so slightly less noticeable. I suffer from pigmentation issues and I haven’t noticed any dramatic improvement in using the mask, but I am now curious about other light therapies that specifically target pigmentation issues. From the aforementioned review, it seems like results in this area may be beyond the reach of the budget friendly home solution.

How to Use

How to use:

  • Before starting a treatment, thoroughly cleanse your skin using your favourite No7 cleanser and ensure your skin is clean and dry.
  • After cleansing, place the No7 LABORATORIES Age-Defying LED Mask comfortably over the face, securing the strap around your head
  • Use the mask for 10 minutes, five times a week.
  • Remove the mask and follow with your favourite No7 Serum and Moisturiser.

The mask is very easy to use – simply attach the mask to the battery pack and press play. You can sit back and relax or continue doing whatever you were doing as the mask automatically switches off after the recommended 10 min treatment period. The hard part, if you’re anything like me is being consistent, but you need to be to see the results.

Overall Verdict

I think this product represented good value for me. I got to try out the science at home at a relatively reasonable price point and experienced some positive results. Perhaps if I was more disciplined in using it the recommended 5 times per week, I may have experienced more dramatic results, but overall I’m glad I purchased it. The only criticism I would personally have of it is that I didn’t notice any impact on my pigmentation and the science would seem to suggest that this was unlikely from the outset in spite of being one of the claims of the mask.

Daisy Rating